Company Profile

Corporate Overview


Address 1-12- 8 Kandasuda-cyo Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101‐0041
Tel Number +81‐3‐3526‐6461
FAX-Number +81‐3‐3526‐6462
President Tetsuo Nomura
Establish March 1999 as INTER WATCH Inc. Each staff has been over 23 years career on the market research of Information products including Supply and Media.
Research Method
  1. Direct Interview to Manufacturers, Distributors, and Users
  2. Direct Interview at Overseas Exhibition
  3. Direct interview to Overseas Branch for Japanese Manufacturers
  4. Direct Interview to some of overseas manufacturers
Number of staff
  1. Each staff has their proud theme. Also each staff has wide area of knowledge for information technology
  2. The staffs that research Direct Interview to distributor and User are mainly Part-time Job (about 30 staffs)
Research Companies list
  1. Manufacturers who have printing technologies, Supply/Consumption manufacturers, sub-components manufacturers, etc.
  2. Distributor, Dealer and User (related printer/Copier)
  3. We have over 200 research manufacturers
  4. We have over 100 researches Distributor and Dealer (mainly in Japan)
  5. We have a few hundred of Users, especially Office user mainly
  6. We normally use Partner companies in case of Home user survey
  7. We are doing Interview to many persons in a company (We meet with person in charge of the Theme)
Report We have two kind of reports as below
  1. Single Client Report = report for a company who are contract with us
  2. Multi Client Report = report for many company who want to have
Research theme
  1. Technologies = Electro photography, Inkjet, Thermal (Dye/Wax), Dot matrix, Silver-Photo, and so on
  2. Hardware = MFP, Printer, Plotter, Copier, FAX, Duplicator, Scanner, Digital Camera, Supply related with Out-put Products, Sub-components (Parts) related hardware
Type of Research
  1. Maker Research (Competitive report)
  2. Market Research
  3. Development report / Information
  4. Cost Research
  5. Distributor / Dealer Research
  6. User survey
  7. Other research (have to be related information technology)
Process for the Single Client research
  1. Confirming of the needs for Client
  2. Proposal from Inter Watch (subject, companies, products, term, cost, contents, etc.)
  3. Reconfirming of the needs and cost, etc. for Client
  4. Contract
  5. Start research
  6. Mid term presentation
  7. Confirm the directions of the research
  8. Final Presentation
  9. Follow up
Process for the Multi Client report
  1. Proposal from Inter Watch
  2. Correct approval companies
  3. If we can correct some of approval companies, we would start research
  4. Release Report
Our strengths We have been engaged in the surveys on printing, imaging and IT industries for over 23 years.
We are also responsible for domestic and overseas surveys. We have conducted global surveys in China, Asia Pacific, as well as India, Russia, Europe and the United States.

Our strengths, which other Japanese survey companies do not have, include direct surveys overseas as well as the surveys of suppliers such as device manufacturers. We visit manufacturers' local sales companies, dealers, users, and factories etc. abroad for surveys.